Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mr Obama...

Mr. Obama,
It's great to see you sticking it to the Neocons on such an epic scale, but I want to chime in about something you seem to be dancing around, inexplicably.
I understand that there are forces involved that may preclude your action, but the issue is coming to a head and my faith (such as it is) that you will do right by America is getting a little bit used up.

The issue is the Spanish Inquisition of Alberto Gonzales & others. The Spanish are not the only ones looking into crushing these dirty torture-mongers in their hidey holes. It seems every day another entity vows justice will be served and that they will be the ones to mete it out.

My point should be obvious to you.

What are you waiting for, South Africa?
Who do you want to slip comfortably behind in the pursuit of justice?

I'm sure there are a host of writers working on the exact rationalization that will grip the nation, but I, knowing that it must come as a pretext of the New America, have to say, there will never be peace without justice.

That means BushCo. must be exposed and confess.

I don't care much for punishment. It is too much like revenge, which I find petty.

The Cambodians got it right with their treatment of the Khmer Rouge. No beheadings, just confessions. It would do the world of good to our fellow travelers who were so badly treated at the hands of the great United States of America.

It would do the world of good to the American patriots who know that torture is patently immoral and had to sit by for six years while fascists dictated our national identity as brutes.

It would quickly put us on the top of the heap again as the bastion of truth & justice in the world.

Take a minute and imagine being beat to the docket by South Africa and what a whopping great moral hole we'd have to dig out of. Maybe you can squeak by morally when Sweden or The Hague start proceedings, but when China or Iran do it to embarrass us, we should be well and truly embarrassed.

It's only a matter of time.
I'd much prefer the mess it will cause now to the shame further equivocating lays at our feet. I'm up to here with national shame.

It's got to be fixed. You are the man...

Matt Willis