Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Look away from the Neo-Con porn!

I could barely look at the mountebank Billo Lielly before the election and only as a clip on Countdown for which he would be appropriately trashed by our beloved K.O.,

but now...

Billo just makes me want to vomit.

He and Rushole both.

I decided I would be well served by NEVER WATCHING EITHER AGAIN.

We used to kill the sound on the TV whenever Dubya, The Texas Tubesteak was featured on the news. It was very empowering.
The mantra was, "Not in my house, bitch!"

Now Keith Olberman has called for a boycott of FixedNews & O'Lielly in particular, by essentially doing the same thing.
Demand the station be changed if Billo & Co is on TV in a waiting room, bar or any public place or make it clear you are leaving the place with your $$$$ because of FauxNews. We should never hear the bleating of those charlatans again. They should only be quoted like long dead authors, never played in a public area among the living. They should be shunned like Nazi collaborators, because ideologically, they are.

There is no point including them in the public forum. It is better to turn your back. Let them yammer away in the darkness of their own neocon tombs, thus insuring their First Amendment rights, but their comments should never be considered as part of the common discourse.

They are poisoning our civil civic dialogue.
They benefit no one of conscience.
They are not part of the solution.
They are dragging us down.
They are wasting our time.
They are narcissists.
They are bullies.
They suck!

Turn Off
Tune Out

AND Again...

LoofaBoy does not bear repeating.

His twisted burning wreck of a moral compass should not find purchase in the national dialogue on any subject.

He is a hot button whore, a gargantuan, perverted hypocrite that is wasting our precious time.

We would all be better off not even responding to him, because his rhetoric is a poison that will be spread on the wind of outrage, when it should just whither in his purulent gullet.

What do you do with rancid flesh, but throw it away and try to avoid the horrific putrid vapor?

Let his vomit descend into the cesspit of neocon dogma where it belongs and trouble the living NO MORE!

Turn Off
Tune Out