Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Look away from the Neo-Con porn!

I could barely look at the mountebank Billo Lielly before the election and only as a clip on Countdown for which he would be appropriately trashed by our beloved K.O.,

but now...

Billo just makes me want to vomit.

He and Rushole both.

I decided I would be well served by NEVER WATCHING EITHER AGAIN.

We used to kill the sound on the TV whenever Dubya, The Texas Tubesteak was featured on the news. It was very empowering.
The mantra was, "Not in my house, bitch!"

Now Keith Olberman has called for a boycott of FixedNews & O'Lielly in particular, by essentially doing the same thing.
Demand the station be changed if Billo & Co is on TV in a waiting room, bar or any public place or make it clear you are leaving the place with your $$$$ because of FauxNews. We should never hear the bleating of those charlatans again. They should only be quoted like long dead authors, never played in a public area among the living. They should be shunned like Nazi collaborators, because ideologically, they are.

There is no point including them in the public forum. It is better to turn your back. Let them yammer away in the darkness of their own neocon tombs, thus insuring their First Amendment rights, but their comments should never be considered as part of the common discourse.

They are poisoning our civil civic dialogue.
They benefit no one of conscience.
They are not part of the solution.
They are dragging us down.
They are wasting our time.
They are narcissists.
They are bullies.
They suck!

Turn Off
Tune Out

AND Again...

LoofaBoy does not bear repeating.

His twisted burning wreck of a moral compass should not find purchase in the national dialogue on any subject.

He is a hot button whore, a gargantuan, perverted hypocrite that is wasting our precious time.

We would all be better off not even responding to him, because his rhetoric is a poison that will be spread on the wind of outrage, when it should just whither in his purulent gullet.

What do you do with rancid flesh, but throw it away and try to avoid the horrific putrid vapor?

Let his vomit descend into the cesspit of neocon dogma where it belongs and trouble the living NO MORE!

Turn Off
Tune Out

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Much ado about torture tapes!

On the one hand the media clamors for the tapes, acting all "We have to show the American people the TRUTH!" Well, where were they 5 years ago when it was well known that the Neocon pindicks in the Whitehouse were playing us and torturing the living fuck out of innocent as well as guilty men on our dime?
The media were scared lamers! They had no taste for opening their mouths and confronting the REAL actual criminals when it could have salvaged our shit smeared reputation. They didn't care about the human suffering and they didn't care about TRUTH!

So, the fourth estate blew it, almost to a man and nothing has changed!

And don't fool yourself that this is some bid for redemption. The "TRUTH" mongers and media hacks are chomping at the bit for the tapes because they have another more venal dimension.

With the American rabble behind them with pitch forks and torches, they can SELL the torture tapes for market share by luring pathetic sadists, the morbidly curious and the pure haters to watch their network news in hopes of seeing an eye pop out.

It's total bullshit!

If they give a flying fuck about my need to know, this is the first I've heard of it. I needed to know about WMD and yellowcake and those bottom feeders gave me nothing. The motive is that they need to profit and what a tidy sum they'll make flogging the suffering of Arabs on the Situation Room, Lou Dobbs and the complete sacks of neocon shit down at Fox News.

I don't care if there are REAL journalists among them, they are vying for dollars and pandering to our basest, most sickly desires to get them.

None of those torture pictures mattered to the 14-35s then, why should they now. Um, where was the outrage? It's just another excuse to feed the sick adolescents that drive the media economy. It is a perverted attempt to attach honesty in reporting to a vulgar antisocial and well conditioned tv bloodlust by our most alienated citizens for the purpose of profit.

Fuck anyone who makes a dime off this!

Monday, April 6, 2009

So Spaketh Bobby!

What an unmitigated dorkwad!
Bobby Jindal says in his best evil Mr. Rogers voice, "Wow, 15 million dollars for a volcano monitoring system. What a waste of money! What pork! What a glaring earmark for the un-American scientific community. What is a volcano anyway? Sounds like Al Quida to me! You ever see a volcano except on TV? Me neither, and that just shows how intellectually honest I am and what a down to earth cracker I can be. In fact, I'm channeling a toothless hoople right now..."

I'm pretty sure this was a grooming exercise and a way to get that glorious dunderhead some national air time making a fool of himself for the team. Who actually gives a shit what that milquetoast hosebag has to say?
The guy's a state governor for Tapdancing Christ's sake and he came across like an ignorant bag of shit,
just outside your front door,
on fire,
and the doorbell just rang.

Meanwhile, up in Alaska, Mount Redoubt was fixing to explain the situation to Bobby & the fantastically dumbass Republicans & show just what monitoring can accomplish, if you pay for it.

As the dipshit neocon hammerheads bumble around on the deck of the Republitanic, yet another volcano threatens more lives at the Llaima volcano in Chile and of course the BIG Italian Shake-up, dismissed by another right wing political douche wank, Berlusconi, has cost over 250 innocent lives "unwarned" because he fired the Ghostbuster.

I love this whole scenario unfolding in Italy with
Gioacchino Giuliani the seismologist warning people to leave the area and Berlusconi & his henchman the Italian Tubesteak Bertolaso throw the guy out & tell him to shut up. Quote the Tubesteak, “These imbeciles enjoy spreading false news … Everyone knows that you can’t predict earthquakes."

Uh, COULDN'T predict earthquakes assmunch!
It's called science, progress, education & you suck Bertolaso!

Giuliani, who through years of study & scientific research has enough info to make an informed decision and save countless souls from the "unpredictable" earthquake in a long recognized hot zone that has an earthquake a day since the year DOT.
His life's work realized! He's making the biggest difference a vulcanologist can make.
Then there's a guy who after many viewings of shabby fantasy movies where scientists are portrayed as power mad jackoffs, believes what he sees, 100% percent, without doubt and applies these Hollywood "facts" to a potentially immense catastrophe.

Enter Mother Nature.

She's carrying a rolling pin & she shoves it forthwith up their political asses!

Or should I thank God actually?

He's the one who brought the earthquake RIGHT when the bitches were being their bitchiest.
Of course in the tradition of the biggest of all known bitches, he makes his point by brutally killing a bunch of people. If you ask me God doesn't deserve to be believed in. He's such a prick!

Meanwhile, in the States.
I mean it was about a day after Jindal opened his GOP-sub pie hole that God let fly with the lava. No?

That speaks volumes as far as I'm concerned.
God was like, "REALLY! Volcano monitoring is pork? Let's have a barbecue!"

Get the picture? God came out against the neocons. They've hidden behind him too long and he's tired of the lies and bending over their pages and screwing the help. At least liberals don't use him to cover their asses and after a couple millennium of this crap, he's got to be itching for some payback.
I'll bet he does like three or four half-Raptures. Like he only calls their butts into heaven & they have to figure out why, in his infinite wisdom, they can't sit comfortably.

I can't wait for the Rapture either. There will be an immediate easing of traffic and this recession will be over! Pollution will be roughly a third of what it was. And ultimately, along with some very hot home computers (loaded with porn), wide screen TVs and sound systems, there's going to be some sweet rides LEFT BEHIND... I call the black Porsche with the bobble-head Jesus!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mr Obama...

Mr. Obama,
It's great to see you sticking it to the Neocons on such an epic scale, but I want to chime in about something you seem to be dancing around, inexplicably.
I understand that there are forces involved that may preclude your action, but the issue is coming to a head and my faith (such as it is) that you will do right by America is getting a little bit used up.

The issue is the Spanish Inquisition of Alberto Gonzales & others. The Spanish are not the only ones looking into crushing these dirty torture-mongers in their hidey holes. It seems every day another entity vows justice will be served and that they will be the ones to mete it out.

My point should be obvious to you.

What are you waiting for, South Africa?
Who do you want to slip comfortably behind in the pursuit of justice?

I'm sure there are a host of writers working on the exact rationalization that will grip the nation, but I, knowing that it must come as a pretext of the New America, have to say, there will never be peace without justice.

That means BushCo. must be exposed and confess.

I don't care much for punishment. It is too much like revenge, which I find petty.

The Cambodians got it right with their treatment of the Khmer Rouge. No beheadings, just confessions. It would do the world of good to our fellow travelers who were so badly treated at the hands of the great United States of America.

It would do the world of good to the American patriots who know that torture is patently immoral and had to sit by for six years while fascists dictated our national identity as brutes.

It would quickly put us on the top of the heap again as the bastion of truth & justice in the world.

Take a minute and imagine being beat to the docket by South Africa and what a whopping great moral hole we'd have to dig out of. Maybe you can squeak by morally when Sweden or The Hague start proceedings, but when China or Iran do it to embarrass us, we should be well and truly embarrassed.

It's only a matter of time.
I'd much prefer the mess it will cause now to the shame further equivocating lays at our feet. I'm up to here with national shame.

It's got to be fixed. You are the man...

Matt Willis

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jesus, what a waste of time!

I'll grant that the stimulus package could have been debated more, but judging by the kind of garbage rolling out of Republican pie holes this past week, it would have been a waste of time. Frankly, I think that was the point. They wanted to sandbag Obama and teach him who's really not in charge any more, who doesn't have the moral or popular imperative and finally, who is lost in the wilderness of their own bankrupt policy.

The truth of the matter is that the Republicans have to be naysayers. They have to keep up appearances because that is all they've had for over a decade. None of what was promised in the Reagan Revolution has come to pass . Funny, how it goes. The Contract on America, shot to hell. The Trickle Down Economy, like my father used to say, trickled down the leg of the body politic.

It's over and they know it.

Now, in order to keep their jobs, credibility and dignity they have to clutch maniacally to the old stone story as it drags them down to the Titanic. If they don't, they will be admitting, finally, publicly and categorically that the policy they have been shilling for decades is a complete sham. It only serves the rich, the corporations and them.

Did you hear Boehner this past week going on & on about the pork barrel contraceptives?
Poor, pathetic Republicans grasping at condoms to make a rope so they can hang themselves. I could almost feel sorry for them, if I didn't already know that their intentions were always, though grotesquely couched in patriotic and compassionate terms, completely venal & rapacious.
It was always about consolidating power and money and telling lesser people how to live. They have sided with the rich. That's who they protect. That's who they serve.

Why I don't love those rat-fucks, I don't know. Call me prejudiced.

But I'll tell you, seeing Obama lay the smack down is doing me a world of good.

I'm emboldened by the enemy of my enemy.

Maybe now I can pursue that lawsuit against Dubya for betraying the public trust & causing me untold pain & suffering, depression, weight gain, hair loss, etc. (It's not because I'm getting old, so shut up)

I'm still hoping for a perp walk though, that would be the tastiest icing.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Just a reminder!




Shun them

Turn them off

Look away

Don't listen

And don't respond...

High Fructose Corn Syrup is GOOD FOR YOU!!


It was bad enough being peddled this sweet poison bilge water, but now they're having a promotional campaign.

Here's how the two commercials I've seen sorta go;
First there's a happy scene, like a picnic & somebody pours a tall glass of Chateau Love Canal '09 & offers it to the unwitting victim.

The victim says, "I can't drink that dog piss! It has HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP in it!"

The pusher says, "Why, what's wrong with our friend HFCS?"

The victim suddenly becomes mute, or stupidly confounded and can't come up with one fucking thing wrong! They get this pained expression as they nervously back peddle and give up trying to protect themselves because it suddenly seems uncool. Then they cower, embarrassed & defeated while the pusher keeps on mindlessly filling glasses with "drink" & smiling a Stepford smile of banal disassociation.

Oh well, I guess there is nothing wrong with HFCS. It's just good food being maligned!


Nobody ever asks me shit like that @ picnics, mostly because I don't go to picnics.
And they never end a commercial with, "To find out more..."
For god's sakes DON'T LOOK IT UP!

Then you would find out about the changes it causes in your metabolism that suppresses you "full" meter, so you eat more.

Or the changes that make calories hit harder in conjunction with HFCS.

Or, and this is new and extra FUCKED, almost 50% of the tested product came back with mercury content because the chemical used to break down the corn starch has a mercury compound in it that sticks around. It does so especially when the money grubbing corporate producer doesn't take care and watch production closely.
A lot of the product was KNOWN to be contaminated, but the Bush FDA just let it fly because of their corrupt policy of 'you can't stand in the way of profit'!

You know, even in the totalitarian dictatorship of China, you do shit like that and you get executed.

What is taking us so long? In consumer protection and criminal justice, we're lagging behind CHINA!

Oh yeah, and coming up fast on the human rights scale too.

Here's the thing. They shouldn't try to foist this bile onto anyone. Let's not have it outlawed just to find our illegal surplus winding up in Malaysian bellies, like our DDT did. The syrup shills have got to give it up, like ALAR & Saccharin & Fen-Phen & the unfortunate bowel seaping Olestra.

As usual though, fast food aside, HFCS is in food that you might have idiotically thought was healthy, like whole wheat bread! Whole fucking wheat bread for Jesus Tapdancing Christ's Sake! What the fuck are these evil fucktards going to think up next? I shudder to think!

Go ahead and check out your selection of whole wheat bread @ the store & see the extent of the depraved indifference these "health conscious" corporations have toward us, the rabble.
Who profits from this death bread soaked in cheap ass joy juice?
Check you store! Almost every type of national brand "healthy" bread has it as a top ingredient. HFCS is EVERYWHERE!

If we somehow get rid of it, the fatcats will have to retool their edible mass production facilities and pass the cost on to us. Plus the higher cost of surgical grade glucose to replace all that syrup.
Are you going to make your own brown bread from now on?
I'll answer that.


Me neither.
So, the cost of eating is going to go up because I don't want corporate pig fuckers to poison me for their convenience or cost effectiveness. I don't want to be involuntarily fed shit to save some corporate bitch some money or to make his puffy, boil covered ass look good to the stock holders. I'm so done with that shit!

Who do these pricks think they are? Why doesn't the government, sworn to protect the citizens from harm, stop this bullshit?

We all know why.

"We the people" aside, and I do mean aside, we are powerless. We haven't the money to put these people away.

It might make you mad. It does me.
I often say, if CEOs were as popular a target as abortion clinic doctors, it would be a very different world. You know what I mean?