Thursday, May 14, 2009


Much ado about torture tapes!

On the one hand the media clamors for the tapes, acting all "We have to show the American people the TRUTH!" Well, where were they 5 years ago when it was well known that the Neocon pindicks in the Whitehouse were playing us and torturing the living fuck out of innocent as well as guilty men on our dime?
The media were scared lamers! They had no taste for opening their mouths and confronting the REAL actual criminals when it could have salvaged our shit smeared reputation. They didn't care about the human suffering and they didn't care about TRUTH!

So, the fourth estate blew it, almost to a man and nothing has changed!

And don't fool yourself that this is some bid for redemption. The "TRUTH" mongers and media hacks are chomping at the bit for the tapes because they have another more venal dimension.

With the American rabble behind them with pitch forks and torches, they can SELL the torture tapes for market share by luring pathetic sadists, the morbidly curious and the pure haters to watch their network news in hopes of seeing an eye pop out.

It's total bullshit!

If they give a flying fuck about my need to know, this is the first I've heard of it. I needed to know about WMD and yellowcake and those bottom feeders gave me nothing. The motive is that they need to profit and what a tidy sum they'll make flogging the suffering of Arabs on the Situation Room, Lou Dobbs and the complete sacks of neocon shit down at Fox News.

I don't care if there are REAL journalists among them, they are vying for dollars and pandering to our basest, most sickly desires to get them.

None of those torture pictures mattered to the 14-35s then, why should they now. Um, where was the outrage? It's just another excuse to feed the sick adolescents that drive the media economy. It is a perverted attempt to attach honesty in reporting to a vulgar antisocial and well conditioned tv bloodlust by our most alienated citizens for the purpose of profit.

Fuck anyone who makes a dime off this!