Friday, August 1, 2008

History Rich Bullshit

It's all so very tedious.
China says it's much better than it used to be and yet the "President" Hu Jintao has a news conference with vetted reporters & vetted questions and so the inevitable result is little more than a photo-op with a press release. No reporter there is going to risk asking a "real" question because she'll wake up somewhere in the South China Sea strapped to a purple dragon shaped pool float. (MADE IN CHINA)

This pre-screening is so transparent, I can't imagine a grownup head of state resorting to such sophomoric shenanigans in this day & age, unless they just don't give a shit about truth or legitimacy. This kind of blatant indifference to democracy is just what you would expect from a third world thug government pretending reform, or the Bush administration.

So, my point is, any government, by the people or by the dictator or by the military, nets the same results to the people of that country because it is foremost a self aggrandizing institution. It has to control you first, then add a pinch of freedoms in to improve the taste of it. Most are just prettied up with words like democracy or republic to give the false impression of flourishing individual freedoms on its citizens or to disguise the country itself being little more than a glorified gulag with occasional fireworks.

Certainly, I have to admit that Americans & Chinese have "rights", but in both states, the right to a comprehensive education is, in the case of China, "your fucking problem" and in the case of the US, slowly being re-evangelized, de-funded and dumbed down to the point where you can sell a US high school graduate any lie because they won't know how to figure out what's wrong with it. Praise Jesus!

For instance, in the discussion of Cheney's "secret" meeting to explore ways of starting a war with Iran they actually considered building fake Iranian gunboats and manning them with disguised Navy Seals so they could attack a US warship and create an incident. REALLY!
See this:
Complete Bastard
Their only "problem" with this was Americans might kill Americans, but the underlying premise was great stuff!
HOLY SHEEP SHIT, do they ever think our citizens are dumb fucks!

What a bunch of fuckwads! This is Iran we're talking about. They supposedly have a giant Axis of Evil network of terrorists embedded in every "democratic" nation on earth, just waiting to blow our Walmarts into piles of rubble and cheap Chinese crap!
Cheney wants to provoke a "terrorist nation" to violence and retribution against his own countrymen.
No wonder he has his DC neighborhood blurred out on Google Earth!
"grumble grumble Can't touch ME! grumble grumble"

Never mind the overt atrocity of starting a war.

Never mind the notion that you're "right" enough to do a thing like that.

Never mind that maybe one of those injured Seals might be captured and exposed.

It's just the boundless arrogance of government power and Cheneyhood that would hatch a plan like this and think NOTHING of the people they are sworn to GOD to represent. We'll be killed in droves and taxed out the ass until our shit ain't even worth shit! And THEY...
THEY will get some SWEET oil contracts and consolidate their power in the world ABSOLUTELY. Until China comes a calling...

Just so there's no doubt, I have to say, Cheney is the supreme fuckwad and is only separated by means from actually being the reincarnation of Hitler.

Now, imagine every descendant in your family line being erased forever in a giant war with China over the oil under Iraq & Iran that Cheney & the Neo-Cons lay claim to.

You see, China is getting geared up for their big World Domination Tour because pretty soon they're going to want to be Americans and have an SUV, 2 kids, dog, pool, stainless steel kitchen, vacation home and digital entertainment center just like us.

Somebody is going to have to be their China. Somebody is going to have to make the cheap consumer goods that they will be buying from Walmart (who has betrayed us completely)

And just who do you think is hurting for work right now?
Who's loosing their status, both morally (with war & torture issue) and economically (failing dollar, huge foreign debt) as a First World Power?
Get used to the idea of 60 hour work weeks, no benefits and, if you're lucky, 75 cents an hour with a 5 cent night shift differential.

If you think China won't hesitate to kick our asses all over the planet as soon as possible, consider this;
If you're 1 in a million, there are 1300 people just like you in China.

That means 1300 Dick Cheneys too!

::::::END VOMIT:::::::

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Anarchist Librarian said...

Boycott the Olympics! The Choynese government is laying the smack down on dissidents, gadflies and malcontents even though they promised not to when they were granted the Games. Liar-heads!
Also, restricting Internet access.
Fuck the "world leaders" who will go to opening ceremonies and kiss Choyna's ass.