Wednesday, February 4, 2009

High Fructose Corn Syrup is GOOD FOR YOU!!


It was bad enough being peddled this sweet poison bilge water, but now they're having a promotional campaign.

Here's how the two commercials I've seen sorta go;
First there's a happy scene, like a picnic & somebody pours a tall glass of Chateau Love Canal '09 & offers it to the unwitting victim.

The victim says, "I can't drink that dog piss! It has HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP in it!"

The pusher says, "Why, what's wrong with our friend HFCS?"

The victim suddenly becomes mute, or stupidly confounded and can't come up with one fucking thing wrong! They get this pained expression as they nervously back peddle and give up trying to protect themselves because it suddenly seems uncool. Then they cower, embarrassed & defeated while the pusher keeps on mindlessly filling glasses with "drink" & smiling a Stepford smile of banal disassociation.

Oh well, I guess there is nothing wrong with HFCS. It's just good food being maligned!


Nobody ever asks me shit like that @ picnics, mostly because I don't go to picnics.
And they never end a commercial with, "To find out more..."
For god's sakes DON'T LOOK IT UP!

Then you would find out about the changes it causes in your metabolism that suppresses you "full" meter, so you eat more.

Or the changes that make calories hit harder in conjunction with HFCS.

Or, and this is new and extra FUCKED, almost 50% of the tested product came back with mercury content because the chemical used to break down the corn starch has a mercury compound in it that sticks around. It does so especially when the money grubbing corporate producer doesn't take care and watch production closely.
A lot of the product was KNOWN to be contaminated, but the Bush FDA just let it fly because of their corrupt policy of 'you can't stand in the way of profit'!

You know, even in the totalitarian dictatorship of China, you do shit like that and you get executed.

What is taking us so long? In consumer protection and criminal justice, we're lagging behind CHINA!

Oh yeah, and coming up fast on the human rights scale too.

Here's the thing. They shouldn't try to foist this bile onto anyone. Let's not have it outlawed just to find our illegal surplus winding up in Malaysian bellies, like our DDT did. The syrup shills have got to give it up, like ALAR & Saccharin & Fen-Phen & the unfortunate bowel seaping Olestra.

As usual though, fast food aside, HFCS is in food that you might have idiotically thought was healthy, like whole wheat bread! Whole fucking wheat bread for Jesus Tapdancing Christ's Sake! What the fuck are these evil fucktards going to think up next? I shudder to think!

Go ahead and check out your selection of whole wheat bread @ the store & see the extent of the depraved indifference these "health conscious" corporations have toward us, the rabble.
Who profits from this death bread soaked in cheap ass joy juice?
Check you store! Almost every type of national brand "healthy" bread has it as a top ingredient. HFCS is EVERYWHERE!

If we somehow get rid of it, the fatcats will have to retool their edible mass production facilities and pass the cost on to us. Plus the higher cost of surgical grade glucose to replace all that syrup.
Are you going to make your own brown bread from now on?
I'll answer that.


Me neither.
So, the cost of eating is going to go up because I don't want corporate pig fuckers to poison me for their convenience or cost effectiveness. I don't want to be involuntarily fed shit to save some corporate bitch some money or to make his puffy, boil covered ass look good to the stock holders. I'm so done with that shit!

Who do these pricks think they are? Why doesn't the government, sworn to protect the citizens from harm, stop this bullshit?

We all know why.

"We the people" aside, and I do mean aside, we are powerless. We haven't the money to put these people away.

It might make you mad. It does me.
I often say, if CEOs were as popular a target as abortion clinic doctors, it would be a very different world. You know what I mean?

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