Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jesus, what a waste of time!

I'll grant that the stimulus package could have been debated more, but judging by the kind of garbage rolling out of Republican pie holes this past week, it would have been a waste of time. Frankly, I think that was the point. They wanted to sandbag Obama and teach him who's really not in charge any more, who doesn't have the moral or popular imperative and finally, who is lost in the wilderness of their own bankrupt policy.

The truth of the matter is that the Republicans have to be naysayers. They have to keep up appearances because that is all they've had for over a decade. None of what was promised in the Reagan Revolution has come to pass . Funny, how it goes. The Contract on America, shot to hell. The Trickle Down Economy, like my father used to say, trickled down the leg of the body politic.

It's over and they know it.

Now, in order to keep their jobs, credibility and dignity they have to clutch maniacally to the old stone story as it drags them down to the Titanic. If they don't, they will be admitting, finally, publicly and categorically that the policy they have been shilling for decades is a complete sham. It only serves the rich, the corporations and them.

Did you hear Boehner this past week going on & on about the pork barrel contraceptives?
Poor, pathetic Republicans grasping at condoms to make a rope so they can hang themselves. I could almost feel sorry for them, if I didn't already know that their intentions were always, though grotesquely couched in patriotic and compassionate terms, completely venal & rapacious.
It was always about consolidating power and money and telling lesser people how to live. They have sided with the rich. That's who they protect. That's who they serve.

Why I don't love those rat-fucks, I don't know. Call me prejudiced.

But I'll tell you, seeing Obama lay the smack down is doing me a world of good.

I'm emboldened by the enemy of my enemy.

Maybe now I can pursue that lawsuit against Dubya for betraying the public trust & causing me untold pain & suffering, depression, weight gain, hair loss, etc. (It's not because I'm getting old, so shut up)

I'm still hoping for a perp walk though, that would be the tastiest icing.

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Anonymous said...

I think your diatribe is right on.