Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obamorality - Obamataliation

I was just looking at Obama signing away all that hideous neocon torture crap going on in Guantanamo and else where and I almost started crying. Am I a little wimp? No. I was just ashamed for so long and I'm overjoyed that the evil shit is being corrected finally! Even if it's a baby step, we finally seem to be going in a just and humane direction.

I have been fighting, sometimes halfheartedly I'll admit, since Reagan was in office plying his Pomade brand of fascism. I've seen everything, and I mean EVERYTHING I held as virtuous about America being stripped and sold down the river by these half human neocons & their ilk. It has riled, angered & sickened me for three decades, but now there's a black guy signing orders & laws that fly in the face of those douchewanks.

If it wasn't IN YOUR FACE enough that Obama is a Democrat, if it doesn't crush their spirit to lose so decisively, if their broad disapproval hasn't taken a vast amount of wind out of their sails, the fact that a black guy leads this nation away from their shit is a 100% bona-fide treasure and should be relished!

It's great.

I know we're asking an awful lot of Obama, but then he signed up for it didn't he. And perhaps his makeup is particularly suited to cutting the balls off the Right while saving the economy, saving the environment, saving hearth & home or saving human dignity itself from the clutches of evil conservatism. (i.e. Cheney!) Maybe it's just second nature to the guy.

If it is, then he's a phenom of extraordinary power. Imagine... A guy as charismatic & powerful as Hitler, but working for the greater good, instead of world domination! It makes me want to cry!
And he's not even that progressive. I mean it was God this & God that on his first days and that don't bode well. Do you realize God was helping the Neocons all this time too? I don't think you can trust God. He should be left out of it. Hmmmm...

Anyway, Obama is no Kucinich. He's no Wellstone and he's definitely no Nader, but hope springs eternal and if he pushes back against anything that makes Limbaugh happy then he's doing great. In fact, as we progress through his administration I hope Faux News goes code red with dismay & pulls out all the stops against him, because it will signal that Obama is actually doing us all some good and Fox can't stand that.

So, I'm as happy as a little girl and whenever I think of Obama @ the helm I get a little more giddy because it's been a long long time since I've been able to appreciate any part of the government, least of all the president. Sorry Bill, I didn't vote for you either.

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