Saturday, January 3, 2009

Congressional Despair

I was asked to write a letter to the editor because I have been known to get quite passionate.
Some issues need the right rage to be felt by the subjects, like a revolution or a complete dismantling right down to anarchism.
Jefferson alluded to that notion, in that every generation ought to remake its government.
The premise is terribly overdue.
Instead of We the People, it's Them the Warpigs.
Instead of forming a Better Union and following our Better Angels, it's watch TV and buy something to make yourself feel better.
Fuck that bullshit right now.

Anyway, three letters, one to the paper, the other to "my representatives" and the most recent to Chucky Schumer.

REALLY? A Congressional pay-raise?!
I would be speechless but this is just too much!
What kind of descent legislator would vote to line their pockets with gold while citizens they represent are in dire peril of loosing their jobs, homes, insurance, security and freedom?
If you can't guess, I'll tell you.
Get the picture?
A raise is just so completely wrong headed that I am inclined to add STUPID and that they need schooling, but I know history well enough that nothing short of the Sack of Rome is going to dent their thick skulls.
However the American version of the Sack of Rome will have to be phone calls, and LOTS OF THEM, to your Rep & Senator.
Email is nice too, but doesn't say "Hello, cut the crap" like a switchboard jammed with calls.
We've got to be standing up all at once, Republican & Democrat, and kick these clowns in the wallet TODAY!
Leave 10000 messages and keep calling until Pelosi cries UNCLE!
Stand outside their offices with a big angry sign.. Get up in their GRILL!
They know it isn't right and they are thumbing their noses at us!
It's time for a nose bleed!

I oppose giving Congress a pay raise this year. While most Americans are struggling at every turn, lining congressional pockets with taxpayer gold is just depraved indifference. They should be ashamed!

How many of these kinds of letters have been written in the last 200 years?
How many times has Congress paid any attention to them?
What's going to be different now?
Do they suddenly give a crap?
So, don't anybody hold your breath for a miraculous new sense of decency or responsibility from these bloodsuckers. You'll die!


Can you people really be serious? It's the wrong move, wrong time and the wrong message.

It makes you look rapacious and stupid at a time when your constituents are fighting in near panic for their very homes.

The message is,"Oh, gee, you lost everything? Here, let me raise my pay. Have a nice day!"

It's depraved indifference!

Congress has been writing laws that allow its members to surreptitiously and personally profit by them, while we suffer increasingly onerous taxes to pay for them.

You already voted yourselves the best socialized medicine in the world, while we scramble and fret over our complete lack of equitable insurance.

AND 100% RETIREMENT BENEFITS!?!? I got a used car & a pat on the back!

I mean REALLY, you are SET FOR LIFE! Another raise right now would be like fiddling while Rome burns!

If someone has to tell you this then you are not fit for office and only do so by false pretense. And there is NO VALOR in hiding behind good deeds to cover bad ones.

The current climate of dismay among voters can only be inflamed by such blatant self aggrandizement. Again I say, DEPRAVED INDIFFERENCE and I can only hope, if this bad deed comes to pass, it will not go unpunished!

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